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Sunday, Oct 04, 2015



Isn’t it time to listen to school superintendents, teachers and parents?

Parents of students in Florida’s public schools are frustrated and feel like their voices aren’t being heard.
Published: 10/01/15

Dennis Freytes: Obama risks offending our closest ally with uncertainty over ‘crucial’ Keystone XL?

President Obama’s final decision on Keystone XL is shrouded in mystery. Some say the president is close to making a call. David Wilkins, the former ambassador to Canada, suggested the administration would wait until after Canada’s Octob...
Published: 10/01/15

Moving China’s cyberespionage pledge from mere words to action

What does it mean when the leader of a huge nation announces that it will not engage in destructive behavior — after years of engaging in it? That is the question about President Xi Jinping’s comments to the effect that China will not w...
Published: 10/01/15

Editorial: Vinik has designs on a healthier Tampa

Jeff Vinik provided another fascinating wrinkle to his downtown Tampa development plans by announcing the community he is building will promote healthy lifestyles for its inhabitants.
Published: 10/01/15

Keeping options open on taxes

It was a surprise to some analysts that Donald Trump’s tax plan hewed more to Republican dogma and less to his wilder, populist side. Dylan Matthews at vox.com called it “an orthodox supply-side conservative tax plan in a middle-class t...
Published: 09/30/15

Letters to the editor: A millennial’s view

A millennial’s view
Published: 09/30/15

Letter of the Day: ‘How the tea party is destroying America’

I read with a sinking heart the recent front-page story in the Tribune about the battle over Go Hillsborough. Having lived through the Greenlight Pinellas war, I see another tea party activist using the same tactics to denigrate a thoroughly reasonab...
Published: 09/30/15

Pat Buchanan: The pope’s world and the real world

Pope Francis’ four-day visit to the United States was by any measure a personal and political triumph.
Published: 09/30/15

Andrew Bowen: Visionaries in Denver prove ‘yes, we can’ in much-needed transportation initiative

When members of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce’s Transportation Committee go on a benchmarking tour next week to Denver, they will probably be a bit wide-eyed as they experience one of the most progressive, efficient, people-friendly mu...
Published: 09/30/15

Editorial: Review Florida’s high-stakes school accountability system

Once again the state’s school superintendents have sounded an alarm, and once again it appears the top education bureaucrats and lawmakers in Tallahassee aren’t listening.
Published: 09/30/15