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Monday, Oct 12, 2015


Watching out for Florida’s eagles

Watching Florida’s magnificent bald eagles soar, tend to their young or simply sit on a tree branch is as inspiring as anything you can see outdoors.
Published: 10/12/15

Editorial: Bill to allow open carry of firearms would be bad for Florida

The annual rush to loosen Florida’s reasonable gun laws is off to an ominous start this year in Tallahassee.
Published: 10/11/15

Editorial: Chaos in the House

It appears the Republican Congress has descended into chaos, first with Speaker John Boehner announcing his resignation and now the leading candidate to replace him, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, dropping out of the race.
Published: 10/10/15

Editorial: The risks of raising the minimum wage

Twenty Florida lawmakers recently tried to live on the state’s minimum wage for a week to illustrate the need to increase it from $8.05 to $15 an hour.
Published: 10/09/15
Updated: 10/12/15

Editorial: Another pedestrian killed

Enough. The death of a Chamberlain High School student Tuesday tragically emphasizes the need to make pedestrian safety a regional priority. The community has put up with disgracefully dangerous roads too long.
Published: 10/08/15

Editorial: An enlightening Mosaic settlement

Politicians who complain about environmental regulations and call for the elimination of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should consider the $1.8 billion settlement the EPA reached with Mosaic, one of the world’s largest fertilizer co...
Published: 10/07/15

Editorial: Raw politics intrude on Go Hillsborough transportation initiative

The Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office has handled plenty of complex investigations over the years and is well qualified to get to the bottom of news reports about cozy relationships between county officials and contractors involved with the Go Hil...
Published: 10/06/15

Editorial: Amendment 1’s lost opportunities

Floridians should not forget how lawmakers blissfully ignored 75 percent of voters last year who endorsed the Amendment 1 ballot initiative requiring the state to spend more on land and water conservation.
Published: 10/05/15

Editorial: Stadium for Rays, not Braves, should be the priority

Keeping the Tampa Bay Rays in the region got a little more complicated with news that a proposed sports complex might compete for tourist tax dollars that could go toward a new stadium for the Rays.
Published: 10/04/15

Editorial: Toughen laws in Florida that ban texting while driving

Florida continues to lag behind other states when it comes to cracking down on the dangerous practice of texting while driving.
Published: 10/03/15