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Saturday, Nov 28, 2015


Editorial: A tax cut, not a handout, for families

It was curious to see Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul at the last Republican presidential debate chastise Marco Rubio for his proposal to increase the child tax credit.
Published: 11/28/15

Editorial: An exercise in collaboration and leadership

Our ever-feuding elected officials in Tallahassee and Washington could take a lesson from Hillsborough County’s constitutional officers.
Published: 11/27/15

Editorial: The gift of another opportunity

As Americans gather around the table today, they will give thanks for their many blessings and the opportunity to be with family and friends.
Published: 11/26/15

Editorial: Scott’s environmental budget

In his proposed $79.8 billion budget, Gov. Rick Scott shows far more environmental enlightenment than he did when he was first elected and cut conservation programs indiscriminately.
Published: 11/25/15

Editorial: Tampa’s flooding affects everyone in the city

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the Tampa City Council’s 4-3 vote against a plan to tackle the city’s chronic flooding problems is the parochial attitude displayed by some council members.
Published: 11/24/15

Editorial: An innovative approach to funding

A new funding model could turn the common complaint that government doesn’t operate like a business on its head and improve efficiency and cut costs in the process.
Published: 11/23/15

Editorial: Fix, don’t expand, ‘stand your ground’

Opening the door to more abuses of the state’s “stand your ground” law is the last thing Florida needs.
Published: 11/22/15

Editorial: Prudent course on refugees

President Obama seems intent on ignoring the public’s fear of terrorism by vowing to veto a House bill passed Thursday that strengthens the vetting process for Syrian refugees.
Published: 11/21/15

Editorial: Lawmakers should invest in programs that lure jobs to Florida

Tampa has benefited greatly from state and local programs that use tax refunds and other publicly funded incentives to convince private corporations to set up shop here.
Published: 11/20/15

Editorial: When free-market principles collide with the health-care industry

Loosening the state’s health-care laws to promote competition has an understandable appeal to supporters of a free-market economy.
Published: 11/19/15