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Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015

Signs banning guns at Highlands government center may come down

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Published:   |   Updated: March 18, 2013 at 02:37 PM


The Highlands County attorney says guns are allowed inside the government center and a sign that says otherwise should be removed.

The sign says the building is designated as a "courthouse" so bringing in weapons would be a violation of Florida law, but there isn't "any factual basis for that," County Attorney Ross Macbeth says.

Macbeth says because the center is a general-purpose government building, people with permitted weapons should be allowed to carry them inside.

An exception would be inside the auditorium, site of commission meetings, when the panel meets. "Other than this room itself, it wouldn't be a violation," Macbeth says. "There is no open carry law, unless you're law enforcement."

Election days would be another exception.

The same goes in an adjacent annex, which has a similar sign posted.

The signs were put up 10 years ago by former commissioners, Highlands Today reported.

Macbeth says he'll revisit the issue in a week. If commissioners agree with him, the signs must come down or be modified.